Are We Going To Sell Our Trailer ?

We've been so quiet over on Instagram & The Blog. And now we can reveal why - We are having a baby (again). I've felt so poorly, which was unexpected as my first pregnancy was a dream! It's still early days, but one thing we learnt from previous loss is that if anything goes wrong, we would want our family, extended family and friends to know why we are feeling sad.


We had some dreams when it came to the design of our tiny kitchen. Marble worktops, Belfast Sink, Gorgeous tap, Ceramic wall tiles. We quickly realised that we needed to compromise, and keep the trailer light enough to tow (yes, we tow it!). You know when you have to make a compromise, but the compromise actually turns out to be 100% nicer that the thing you originally thought you wanted ? Well that's what happened with our sink and tap!