Tiny Home Search

What a wonderful response to our last post.

We had so many of you tell us how sad you’ll be to see us leave the tiny home community, and we feel so blessed to have made such wonderful friends (near and far) through this lifestyle.
But never fear, we may leave the trailer, but we are trying hard to keep our tiny home dream alive (it will just have an extra bedroom)

So what are the plans? Honestly we have been tenatively looking at houses to buy….and then thinking “What are we doing?!”.
Even a fixer upper that we can put our own stamp on, at this point does not feel right.
We have come so far from bricks and sticks, and the 25 year mortgage.
25 years guys !!!!
The amount of interest is insane.
That £250k house would end up costing us £371k – and that’s on a best rate of 1.79%.
Thinking what we could do with that 120k is mindblowing.
I’m such a nerd when it comes to compound interest calculations, here’s a scary but cool one.
£120k over 25 years in an investment account, making 10% a year =
So going into a 25 year mortgage feels like we are giving a £1million lottery win away – I know….we are weirdos and overthink.
Okay, that’s enough nerding-out-anti-bank- talk, back to the tiny house stuff.

Buying land outright, and slowly building a dream dwelling seems to be what is in our hearts at the moment.

This Summer we are going to visit/stay/explore some other tiny dwellings, and see which option would work best for our growing family.
First stop in a couple of weeks is a cabin in the woods, built with timber from it’s surroundings, and topped with a gorgeous reclaimed tin roof!
Doesn’t it look dreamy ?!candylandstudio-41_cs_large_gallery_preview

We would also love to check out some shipping container houses, if anyone knows of anyone in the UK that has done this, please get in touch.
We have seen some really inspiring builds over in the USA, has this type of tiny home reached the UK yet ?

This is not tiny by any means, but wow, the things that can be done with shipping containers is mindblowing.


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