Linwood Velvets


A fun part of the build was choosing  finishing touches.
I’d (Becca) collected lots of little samples, and had my heart set on Velvet.
Every seamstress I spoke to tried to talk me out of it
“Velvet can be a real pain to sew with” they said – ‘…it tends to stain, and the seams ‘walk’, and you can’t machine wash it.’

I moaned about this over lunch with a friend, who happens to be an upholsterer.
“Someone should make a stain resistant, machine washable velvet” I said
“Someone does” was his answer.

He pulled up the Linwood website on his phone and I had a browse.
Linwood have been around since the early 90’s, and they’re based right here in the UK.
Most of their fabrics are made in the UK, and those that aren’t come from Italy, Belgium or Spain.
Less carbon footprint, so maybe we can offset the many miles we shipped the trailer over.
So far so awesome !

“Linwood is in a class all of it’s own” said the upholsterer friend.
He explained that if you wash other velvets,they can bobble or pucker once dry.
He uses Linwood Omega, or Moleskin in all of the upholstery work that calls for velvet, and has never had a customer complain yet.
As I browsed and saw colours available, I was already half convinced.

I picked up some samples from the local fabric shop .
Immediately after getting the swatches home, the claims of being ‘stain resistant’ were accidently put to the test.
It was blackberry season, and I’d left some in arms reach of a busy toddler.
He sauntered up to us, blackberry in one hand and fabric swatch in the other.
Disaster !!!!
Happily after a quick spot clean with just water, it was completely fine !
Our minds were made up, and we placed our order.
We chose Moleskin II fabric, in Moonstone and Lagoon.
Moonstone has the same quality as it’s namesake, it changes colour in different lights, it can look lavenderish, grey, greige (grey/beige), and sometimes more ivory.img-20190123-wa0003
Lagoon is a dusky blue, that works really well on the daybed area.

We used Natural Latex for the seating, as it doesn’t lose it’s shape, and is way healthier for our immediate environment (and the planet!)


Our build turned out to be a family affair, and my clever Mum made the cushion covers for us.
Thanks Mum, you’re the best !

We are so happy with our gorgeous velvet seating.
We’ve been living in the trailer for over two months, no highchair (because little man thinks he’s too grown up!), and a woodburning stove only 2 feet away.
There hasn’t been a mark made that hasn’t vanished with just a warm cloth, that includes ash from our stove, and spagetti sauce from our toddler.

***We bought the fabric with our own hard earned cash, and we aren’t getting a kick back.
This review is genuinely because we are so thrilled with our gorgeous fabric!
When you live in a tiny home, everything has to be functional, but who says functional can’t be beautiful too ?



One thought on “Linwood Velvets

  1. Thanks darling for the mention! On a practical level they were really great fabrics to work with. So glad you didn’t go all out velvet as I don’t have the best relationship with it (like so many other sewing bees). However I too liked the fabrics and have decided to recover a chair in the left over aqua. Hope u don’t mind. Very inspired after seeing my toddler grandson eat the messiest of pasta on the moonstone and you actually just got it off with a wipe. Highly recommended.


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