We had some dreams when it came to the design of our tiny kitchen.

Marble worktops, Belfast Sink, Gorgeous tap, Ceramic wall tiles.
We quickly realised that we needed to compromise, and keep the trailer light enough to tow (yes, we tow it!).

You know when you have to make a compromise, but the compromise actually turns out to be 100% nicer that the thing you originally thought you wanted ?
Well that’s what happened with our sink and tap!

At first we both really wanted that farmhouse sink, but those things weight a lot – like 40-65kg a lot !
We could have a smaller one, but then how do we bath the baby, disguise unwashed dishes, and store our plants as we tow the trailer – yep we do all of these things with our sink.
If you’re at the beginning of your build, trust us please – get the deepest sink you can find. Thank us later.

Turns out we didn’t have to compromise or sacrifice anything, Franke to the rescue.
They have a range of ‘Tectonite‘ products, which are perfect for tiny home builds.
If you want the sleek and chic design, and to save weight – read on!

This is our gorgeous sink, we chose the Franke Sid 110-50 in White.


This is what we love about it :

WEIGHT            It weighs 5kg ! That’s right people ….5KG.

SIZE                     200mm deep, and has been road tested by us for : bathing a toddler, hiding dishes, and transporting a Boston Fern and Aloe plant 250 miles across country.

Stain Resistant    Stains wipe out with a sponge and any cleaning product, we make our own.
You can leave gross stuff for up to 24 hours and it still won’t stain – yuck who would do such a thing?! *raise hands*  adventures to be had, dishes can wait .
It’s also UV resistant, so will never lose it’s colour.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY   The Tectonite® material, manufactured from natural components (glass obtained from sand, resin) allows the sinks to be 100% recyclable. That’s a big deal !

Those are just a few things we love, there are so many other points that we haven’t mentioned.
If you want to find out more about Tectonite go to Franke and read all about it.

The best thing was, whilst we were ordering the sink, we had a browse through their tap page.
On the first page, there in all it’s brassy glory was the exact colour match for our kitchen!


We have the Active Plus in brushed brass, they also make the tap with a pull out spray.
Ours pivots, but it doesn’t have that pull out spray, and if you are feeling especially fancy you could go ahead and get this one.
It comes in Matt black, chrome, brushed brass (our one), smokey mirror, and graphite.
We are seriously happy with the sink/tap combo.
It’s one of the first things other tiny home people comment on when they visit.
“Wow your sink is so deep!” with a wistful look in their eyes.


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