Weekend Fun

Once in a while you meet people that you really click with….and a friendship is born.

We’ve met lots of people during our tiny home build ; from people on Instagram, and forums, to suppliers of products.
It’s been so nice to connect, and we know that everything we have purchased to put into Priscilla comes from good people.
And there’s non better that Dawie and Mandy at Anevay Stoves, they’re young, adventurous, so chilled out -oh and they also have 3 of the cutest kids ever.

We approached them as we wanted a wood burning stove for winter, and we really loved that theirs are not only handmade locally, but are also installed in some pretty unusual places (skoolies, yurts, tipis)


So many people tried to dissuade us from putting a stove in our camper, because :
You’ll die
You’ll get carbon monoxide poisoning
The fire doesn’t even need to be lit – the ash will kill you

To be honest we were a bit put off by these claims, but Dee had stayed on tons of canal boats that all had stoves, and he is still here to tell the tale.
So we spoke to a local supplier of stoves, and he mentioned Anevay – we contacted them and arranged for them to check out Priscilla to see if it would be safe/possible to include a stove.

That was just the beginning. We hit it off instantly, and a few weekends ago we all hung out at the trailer.

There were some haircuts for the boys, a lot of running around, laughing, and an impromptu photo sesh from the talented Mandy

It was so special to see how Anna,Ezra and Samuel (Dawie and Mandy’s kids) played with our little boy.
They’re so gentle, kind and full of adventure just like their Mum and Dad.


Thank you for coming to hang out with us !

This blog post was meant to tell you all about the awesome stoves, but has turned super mushy !
We can’t help it, it’s not often you get to make new friends – adulting is hard!

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