We’re Building A Wall

….and it’s the good kind.

Ah this is such an awesome blog post to write, finally we have walls.
Yes, there is still a long way to go, but it’s starting to look like something !

We created the shower room, with a little alcove to put our shampoo bottles.
We always wanted a window above the shower (inspired by a Modern Caravan build we saw online)
The space is there for it, and it would push a lot more light into the rear bedroom.
That’s the thing about changing the configuration, you have to consider not only the wheel arches (arghhh thats’ been a struggle ), but also how to create light in the new back section.
This is where airstreams have the edge, those beautiful panoramic windows (swoon).
And because the airstream is more common, it’s easy to purchase the configuration that you want – major BONUS
We ummed and ahhh’d about Airstream, but the Silver Streak bug had bitten us hard.
That elusive rear bedroom- Streak never came up for sale during our search.
If you can find the configuration you like, we would recommend going for it – you save yourself so much work (about 50% more work changing the configuration!)
If however you find yourself in our position, know that IT CAN BE DONE.
Might just take a little while longer đŸ™‚

Technical info : We used 5mm plywood for the shower walls.

Note : The stain on the floorboards is what happens when you spill  Corroseal !

The Frame is up
Feeding the light switch cables in
Small alcove
5mm Plywood casing


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