We found a stove, a wood burning, gorgeous looking, innovative, tiny little stove !

We ordered from a local company called Anevay, owned by the coolest couple (Dawie & Mandy).

Anevay are based in Cornwall, and make awesome portable woodburning stoves perfect for tiny homes.
They’ve put them in all sorts of builds – yurts, bell tents, tipis, sheds, vans, boats, houses, and pretty soon into a Silver Streak (hurrah!).

We went to see the stoves in person, and chose the model for Priscilla.

We met some of the people behind the products, Uldis – who our little boy was fascinated by, and Morgan – a very cool Australian dude.
Both Aldis and Morgan explained to us how the stoves are made, and finished by hand.
It made it so much more special knowing how much care and pride goes into each stove.

Not only did we get a stove for Priscilla, we chose ‘The Traveller’ – albeit a little bit modified – more on that in another post.


We also got a portable stove for camping, and beach BBQ’s.
Mandy was telling us about their eco friendly BBQ’s.
Eco friendly ? You mean those disposable silver foil thingies, that we buy from the garage every summer aren’t good for the planet ?
Well nope, they aren’t !
Mandy explained to us that over 300,000 end up in landfills every year, and they don’t decompose.
Disposable barbecues don’t just pose a waste problem, but the materials used in them are also totally unsustainable .
They use charcoal from tropical forests in South Africa and South America.
To get that charcoal, they burn down acres and acres of forests, that have been there for hundreds of years.
Then they transport it thousands of miles.
We couldn’t believe it, because neither Dee or I had ever stopped to consider the impact that ‘innocent’ BBQ on the beach was having !
Living tiny for us isn’t just about lots of adventures, and flexibility – we also want to try and be more environmentally aware.

Luckily Anevay have the answer, and it’s a good un.
Their portable stoves range from the tiny ‘Horizon’, to the fancy ‘Frontier Plus’ (yep, we got the fancy one!)

Check out what Anevay say on their website :

You don’t need to carry any fuel with you, just pick up a handful twigs or driftwood and that’s enough to cook a meal. That means no gas canisters in landfill and no disposable BBQs burning the grass. It’s smokeless, which is good for the planet and good for those sitting around it on the beach! Our Traveller and Fintan Stoves are made by us here in Cornwall.

We love wood as fuel; it’s carbon neutral and great for the planet. We also plant a tree for every stove we sell

We were totally sold on the idea.

The portable stoves start from £79, which is a bargain considering that it’s a stove you can enjoy for many years, has less impact negative impact on the planet, and also looks very cool (be prepared for people to come over and ask questions and admire your stove!).


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