Chassis Work

We always knew there would be a few twists and turns ahead of us during renovating Priscilla.
One example is the lack of leaks in the roof section.
The floor was perhaps the biggest surprise for us, when we lifted the subfloor we found quite a few sections of cross beams that were past their best days.
Some were corroded, and one had straight up snapped.
This is one of the jobs that we are so glad we did, it would have been easy to just remove the wet pieces of subfloor and replace them.
This way we know that Priscilla is sturdy and we can build our home on her confidently.

We measured the old beams, and had a local company remake them, it took about a week.
As soon as they came back, we began the process of welding them back in, neither of us had ever welded before.

That was quite the learning curve, and we cut our teeth when we discovered the 6 beams we had had made were wrong !
Yep, we had only cut one of the beams out to take to the company who remade them.
Here’s the thing, the beams were not all the same width, such a ‘Duh’ moment, because of course there might be variations – we just didn’t realise it.

Solution : Cut the new beams lengthwise, and re weld together….a long and nerve wracking process.
It took all day, but once we stepped back and looked at the situation, we kind of think it was meant to be.
The welding onto the trailer was a piece of cake after this.

Here are some pictures


After the beams were in place, we used good old Corroseal to convert any rust on the old beams.
This stuff is really good, and we have previously used a UK brand – it wasn’t as simple or effective.

After the corroseal did it’s thang, we applied an epoxy based paint over the top.


I forgot to mention, before any of this we cleared out about 560,212 acorns from the belly pan.
A gift left over from a family of squirrels.

We totally forgot to take any pictures of the belly pan work, but after it was finished we decided to insulate the floor.
We’ve already had a few questions as to why we didn’t use spray foam for the floor.
The short answer is : BUDGET
It was a lot cheaper and less time consuming to simply get rolled wool insulation.

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