Introduction !


Welcome to Nostalgia In Reverse
We are two free spirited people who recently became three, we love to travel and discover exciting new places.
Far from wanting to ‘settle down’, becoming a little family has made us even more Wanderlusty !

In Summer 2017 whilst heavily pregnant and about to pop, we started planning our next travel and adventure.
We are both freelance, so would rent wherever the work took us.
It had never been an issue before, we would always find a new house on our return from a long trip.
This time though…..we needed something else.
Somehow it didn’t feel ‘right’ with a baby on the way, to keep packing a whole house up and moving.

We knew we didn’t want another mortgage, and we were over paying someone else’s mortgage too.

We went and stayed in Wales in the cutest airstream ever, it was such a perfect few days in dingily dell surrounded by horses and starry skies.
Check out Cass’s Airstream here, we can thoroughly recommend a stay in it !

“I could live here!” one of us remarked.
And suddenly the idea was born, lets make a home on wheels.
We totally thought we’d had a unique idea, until we searched Airstream living and found tons of cool people doing the same.
So armed with plenty of inspiration we went shopping for a trailer, we loved the airstream but wanted something a bit different and less pricey.

Our friend Fletch from Fletch’s Vintage Trailers found us the perfect one.
A 1981 Silver Streak, as soon as we saw the pictures we knew we had to have her !
It took some work in the USA to get her roadworthy, then we couldn’t find anyone to tow it, so Fletch to the rescue had his pal Scott do it.
But just when we were due to have her towed to the port in New york, a huge storm hit.
We were delayed by a few weeks, as the trailer sat on the dock waiting for better weather!
Anyone who has ever shipped a vehicle to the UK will relate, the amount of cancellations and delays were crazy and it took months to get the trailer to the UK.

Then the hard part begins….turning it into something even more beautiful !

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